Frequently Asked Questions

When can a Landscape Gerbera be placed outside?

The different varieties within the Landscape Gerbera assortment can be put outside in springtime (when it stopping freezing at night) until autumn. The product is not frost-proof so please take this into consideration.

How many flowers will bloom from a Landscape Gerbera plant ?

All varieties are abundantly flowering. This means per variety at least 3 to 4 flowers in full bloom at once. If the ripe flowers are picked from the plant properly (break the stems out of the heart of the plant by hand) the Landscape Gerbera will continuously flower until autumn. Per season this can accumulate to 30 flowers per plant.

Use of the Landscape Gerbera plant:

Landscape Gerbera is extremely suited to use as patio plant. It is not advisable to plant your Landscape Gerbera in clay soil because of the structure of this particular soil type. However when the structure of the soil is loose and has good drainage planting in plain soil is a possibility. Another option is to place the Landscape Gerbera in a beautiful pot on the terrace. An important condition is to ensure water does not remain at the bottom of the pot.

Picking flowers and putting them in a vase?

Ripe flowers can be picked from the plant and can hereafter be put in a vase. The flowers have excellent vase life and are a wonderful presentation with some types of leaf added to it. Please make sure that you are using a clean vase so bacterial infection does not appear. You can also add a drip of chlorine to the vase-water.

Can the plant survive the wintertime?

In principle the plant does NOT survive the wintertime. When you put the plant inside and take proper care of it, the plant can eventually get through the winter and can be placed outside again in springtime.

Important instructions:

The Landscape Gerbera plant can be placed in a semi shady place but absolutely NOT in full sun. Every day the plant must be watered (please ensure the soil is properly moistened) and once in while the plant needs some fertilizer. When the healthy leafs are turning yellow this normally means it has a nutrition deficiency. The most commonly used type of fertilizer is: Osmocote (sold in the major garden centers).

On which side of the house the Landscape Gerbera plants can be placed ideally?

Landscape Gerbera can best be placed on the side of the house where the sun rises because of the fact that the side of the house where the sun sets has the strongest sun for the longest amount of time.

Maintenance of the plants:

- Please pick ripe flowers from the plant
- Remove old foliage from the plant

Prevention of pests and diseases:

In the event that a lot of insects such as snails and mite will harm the plant, you can spray the plant with general insecticides, which are available at garden centers.

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